Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad Week for Christmann

Regular readers will know I purchased a fair amount 2007 Rieslings from the excellent 2007 here in Germany. Most have disappeared..but a couple of bottles are still with me.The reason is..well..acidity. My guess was the style would give me problems when young...I have admitted regularly that, even after 30 years of tasting wines, a young, acidic Riesling is not on my Xmas list!!!!...and so it was...maybe on a bad day for me..that I decided to, at last, open one of them.

A. Christmann Riesling 2007
Pfalz, Germany
Deeper yellow than most...dry peach aroma...some herbal tones..the acidity may be OK for some...but at the moment....not my friend. Tried again the next had filled out a little mid-palate...but The Acid Queen was still glaring at me....
Points 15
It's not been a good week for Christmann..the Spätburgunder a couple of days ago didn't impress either.


Alexander said...

I think I know what you'll write for this one. Had it twice already...


Barry said...

Hi Alex...
you posted after seeing the heading and were quick!
I take it you were not impressed either

Alexander said...

Actually I had this wine first at the wine fair earlier this year where I was very impressed. A few weeks later at the estate I didn't recognize it, it lost all of its opulence. Instead I loved the Oelberg and Maushöhle.

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