Friday, November 09, 2007

White Man's Red

Can white man produce red indian?..this answer simply in this no.
Cuilleron makes perhaps the one of the best Viognier in the whole world.
His St. Joseph Rouge, is made entirely from Syrah, and vinified into three separate cuvees:
"Les Pierres Seches", "Cuvee Prestige L'Amarybelle" and "Les Serines".
About 25,000 bottles of the "Pierres Seches" are produced yearly

Domaine Cuilleron Saint Joseph Rouge
'Pierres Seches' 2001,
Rhône, France

Tangy but giving nothing on the nose. Bright and crisp on the palate, but initially offers little in the way of texture or fruit flavour. Dry in the mouth...gave a little with airing and food...but not a glass you want to go back to...unless pushed....a bit boring..

Points 15

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