Sunday, November 15, 2015

Italy, France & Spain

As the days get the wine changes colour. Our monthly meeting was 'pre-planned' by telephone. Volker and Robert would be bring reds...could I supply a white? Pas de problème Messieurs.

Now...after so many years collecting...there are various 'odd bottles' in the cellar. The secret of having something mature to drink is down to the amount of wines in your cellar meaning that you have something to drink without opening anything too early. Did you understand that? Good. Well... I remember the early days when I told my wife I had very little I could drink. She gazed at the partly filled cellar...and then I explained...that most have to be left alone! Those days are gone...and with 700 bottles at the last count...there will always be something for everyone at the right time. The white I took along I had purchased about 9 years ago...had tried and enjoyed...then decided to leave it a couple of years. Time flies by...and the bottle gets lost in the masses. To make sure I would not be opening an old, undrinkable liquid...I had tried it the day before...taking a small drop with my Coravin. It seemed was transported to our meeting place...Restaurant Schaab Louis. Bottle opened and I waited for the guys to arrive with their offerings for the evening.

Vie di Romans Piere Sauvignon Blanc 2004
Friaul, Germany
What can I say...just perfect. As per usual..the others have to try to guess what, where, year, grapes etc. Robert said Sauvignon Blanc...then they headed all over the world until finally arriving back in Italy. Then it was easy as Robert remembered some excellent bottles way back when. The vintage however...was more difficult...10 guesses before the only one left was 2004. To be would have been impossible for the wine shows absolutely no ageing. It reminded me a touch of a red...drink this warmer and blind and you would be lost. Absolutely lovely drink...all components a point. Hard to describe wine...most of the primary fruit is gone but the smoke, minerality and candied character that remains is most pleasing. Beautiful, savory, creamy.
Points 18

Domaine des Grécaux Héméra 2001
Coteaux de Languedoc, France
Volker had just returned from the South of France...and had visited this property. He had been given the bottle by the owner. Even when we had narrowed our guessed to Languedoc...there was no way this was so old. 2001!  The colour alone would have stopped you even venturing a guess. Almost black in the middle...and still tight...the nose offering pencil, fruit compote...a touch ethereal. Gingerbread and raisons. The palate shows softness...with an easy tannin mix...rum top...very enjoyable surprise.
Points 17.25

Nin Ortiz Planetes de Nin Vi de la Vila de Porrera 2011
Priorat, Spain
Robert had just returned from Priorat...but did not bring this with him.
We had tasted a white from this property at a previous tasting...and Robert had told us the reds were impressive.
70% Grenache, 30% Cariñena. Fresh red berry nose...with a touch of blood orange. Silky tannins and a style more akin to Pinot Noir....which is where we started with guessing. Quite full flavoured and well integrated acidity.
Points 16.5

Next meeting early December...

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