Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Bistro Mitch

My idea of winding down from the day to wander to local eateries...with a bottle from my cellar. My second eating home in recent weeks has been a Bistro that has been offering good quality for more years than I can remember. It is within staggering distance...and the brisk walk home is good for the digestion. The lady in charge is Layla...who runs the service alone. In the Kitchen is Jimmy...from Algeria. He cooks with mediterranean flair. Below are some dishes from the past 6-7 visits. As I was tired of listening to the CD's that were on offer...I took along a 'soul mix' which has hardly left the player since. Two more have followed. It seems they are also liked by other guests. So...I take my music and my own wine...even took a corkscrew once to open an old bottle. Those 'waiter' corkscrews tend to pull too one-sided at times.

One evening I met up with two friends. They asked if I wanted to join them. I was not sure...but my wife said to go ...she wanted to stay home. I called the friends and said OK...and they asked if I would bring a couple of bottles. We joked at the table that they only wanted me so that they would have something excellent to drink.

Erwin Sabathi Chardonnay Merveilleux 2009
South Styria, Austria

A wine that had been in and out of the fridge over the past few weeks.
Reasoin being...that I was afraid there would be too much oak.

Answer...get outta here you fool. Gorgeous nose...just perfect Chardonnay. The palate was more of the same..and a thrill to drink.
Points 17.75

Claus Schneider Pinot Noir Weiler Schlipf Barrique 2007
Baden, Germany

No real notes made as we were chatting and laughing.

They had been impressed by the less so with this
perfectly aged Pinot Noir. Soft burnt/smoke aromas and a palate
that applauded your patience Barry
Points 17.5

Dr. Heger Spätburgunder Winklerberg 2011
Baden. Germany

Sometimes I leave a small amount in a bottle. Layla or a regular customer get to try. A few days later...a lawyer...had tried it. He had googled and seen the costs. It was originally € 30,-- but obviously cost more nowadays. What is expensive for one is a deal for another. I told him there are people who bungy jump for high amounts of money...I get my pleasure less dangerously.
This has the brittleness of youth that needs food...spiky strawberries I find is a good description.
Points 17

F. X. Pichler Riesling Smaragd Dürnsteiner Kellerberg 2008
Wachau, Austria

Lovely, lovely scent. Thick and way to describe this. Any fatness is

quickly a second thought as the zippy acidity forces you to be fair and enjoy this until the bottle is empty.
Points 17.5

F. X. Pichler Grüner Veltliner Smaragd Dürnsteiner Kellerberg 2005
Wachau, Austria

Apricots and peaches leapt out of the glass....fatness at first...then the mid-palate showed pepper and spice. Complex and with pertfect balance.

Points 17.5

Keller Kirchspiel 2007
Rheinhessen, Germany

Ripe..sucking on yellow fruit...then orange peel. How on earth does Keller get all

this going on and with a lightness that makes it a pleasure to drink or gulp.
Points 18

Keller Hubacker Riesling 2006
Rheinhessen, Germany

Had this  acouple of days after the Kirchspiel...and it seems more top heavy and unready. Decant or leave a few years. At the moment...
Points 17
F. X. Pichler Grüner Veltliner Smaragd M 2008
Wachau, Austria

Not joking...the palate showed liquorice. Soft complex

and just about starting to spread it's wings. Opulent but with a fresh
acidity. Love it!
Points 17.75

Wittmann Riesling Morstein 2009
Rheinhessen, Germany

Faint petrol note...exotic yellow fruits...citrus injection...lovely easy to drink...light of foot...and a wine that I would have had difficulty with 5 years tastes are changing with age. I am becomming a Riesling freak!
Points 17.75

Sattlerhof Sauvignon Blanc Kranachberg 2007
South Styria, Austria
It is four years since I last tried this.The lonely bottle was transported by foot...and the glass stopper need to take my corkscrew.
Top property...Willi Sattler in
the saddle (I like that description)...
Barrique...hhis is top cinema...a slick slider...a smooth operator. A nose that appealed and evolved...oily gooseberry...but if you are looking for the razor sharp kind...please leave the room now.
You won't find them in the 'Steiermark'...and that's why I am here. This has low residual sugar is a middle-weight boxer with a light-weight's dancing feet. 'Don't dare call me fat' it says....and then defies your criticism by bouncing over the palate...great feel in the mouth...and if you only gave me one word to describe it...'glossy'.
Points 17.5

Leth Grüner Veltliner Gigama Grande Reserve 2012
Wagram, Austria
Layed-back oak...complex stone fruit on the nose. Smoky
minerals...tropical fruit...a touch of sweetness...held back by perfect acidity.
I was wary that this would be too young...but they say..if you are young enough you are good enough...or is that a football phrase (smile).
A new find for me...
Points 17.25

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