Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Swiss Meursault

One of my first loves back in 'old days' was Meursault. Even then I could afford Coche-Dury! They then all seemed to disappear from the marketplace.
However...I recently bought a couple of wines from the 2008 vintage from a couple of other properties.
Both I found to be overly oaked...not the delicate style I wanted.

Checking a merchants list...a description of 'meursault-like' caught my eye and I duly ordered a bottle.

Cicero M Chardonnay 2011
Bündner Herrschaft, Switzerland

Previously known as Mattmann Chardonnay...2010 was the last now has the Cicero logo as Thomas Mattman tragically died.
Close your eyes and dream of Coche-Dury...well...not going to overdo it...but dream of how you want your Meursault and your dreams will come true! Wonderful aroma of pears and bananas. Soft and gentle...a Swiss Miss to please. Lots of grip...charming wine...salty minerals...and very fine length.
I loved this...maybe the M stands for Meursault?
Points 17.75

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