Saturday, August 16, 2014

Roter Veltliner

A first I think...tasting this grape. Not everyone called Smith is related...
and so it is with this...not related at all to the Grüner Veltliner.
It seems only to grow in Wagram...where they are specialists.
I took this along to my local eatery...unscrewed the bottle and took a smell.
Jaw dropped! If I had never been able to taste it this would have been a winner. A couple of friends at the next table know that I have been around a while and trust my reactions. They got a glass...two more dropped jaws and a couple of 'wows'. The last of the bottle was tried by the owner. 'Order me some' was the request. Another bottle was sent to my restaurant friend in Baden. He knows his wines...and was VERY impressed. 

Josef Fritz Roter Veltliner Steinberg PRIVAT 2012
Wagram, Austria

Full color in the glass....looks like honey. A gorgeous nose of soft vanilla and honey...sweet melons. The palate just takes over what has gone before...with oak perfectly integrated. A touch of white pepper(we are in is obligatory). There are minerals in there as well. Long finish...and although it has 14.5% never bores.
I wanted to give it 18/20...but it ONLY costs around € 20,-- so that cannot be. I have been slurping for longer than some people here have been breathing...and would put it in the top 20 wines for the price I have tried in recent years.

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