Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Koching

A Rising Star...and GaultMillau have just awarded Bernhard Koch with the 'Collection Of The Year'. I headed for the Pinot Noirs...but could not resist the Chardonnays...hoping the Pfalz mix would be to my liking.

Both wines tasted over two days....

The 'lesser' wines...always show better in their youth compared to the top versions...due to their approachability.

Bernhard Koch Chardonnay Réserve Trocken
Hainfelder Letten 2012

Pfalz, Germany
Apples and Pears with some traces of caramlized almonds. What pleases with this wine is the lovely and lively minerals. Citrus fruits....leaves the palate ready to go for the next sip. There is hidden power...but the overall zippiness makes this a wine for today...but a few bottles will be put away.

Points 17.25

Bernhard Koch Chardonnay Grande Réserve Trocken
Hainfelder Letten 2012

Pfalz, Germany
Fuller nose...some brioche...fuller wine throughout...but still with the overall perfect balance found in the sibling above. Power and Finesse...ripe pears...needs a year or two...

Points 17.25...but with some more to come I said...the lesser wine is equal today...but both a must buy...and the reds are great as well. Collection Of The Year?...oh yes.

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