Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Back to Spain

Years ago....the many visits to Spain had been pleasurable with fresh seafood, Paella and Rioja. Finding a good 'Spanier' is not easy...so a tip about this restaurant a few miles away was eagerly accepted...and a table on a Saturday evening  was reserved. 'Madrid' had moved from Rüsselsheim to Groß-Gerau...which won't interest anyone abroad...but the fact that they had been in business 20 years boded well.

A dark winter evening meant the first view from a distance were the lights in the middle of nowhere. We wre greeted by the friendly waiter and shown our table. The aroma was enough to get me smiling...and if you did not know it...you would be back in Spain.

Grilled Squid

The aioli with fresh bread kept us occupied while we studied the menu.
I convinced my brother-in-law that we should try the 'Paella Valenciana'. 

I asked about the grilled Squid and was informed it was fresh.
It was...and what pleased me...was the natural taste had not been bombarded by spices.

Paella Valenciana
The Paella for 2 arrived...and it was the best I have had for a long time. All ingredients fresh...and the rice...which needs to be perfect or you can forget the rest...was perfect. It was more than enough for 2 people...so next time...no starter. I even took a portion home for next day.
No wine list...but I informed the waiter that I was a wine freak...and I NEEDED a good bottle.
Lan Reserva 2005
Rioja, Spain

Dark, full bodied with a nose of plum, cherry, graphite, spice and creamy vanilla, well structured and balanced, complex, dusty, off dry on the palate with good length. Restaurant price € 32,-- and well worth it.
Points 17

The son of the owner told me his father (72) is still in the kitchen.
He also said they did not have a wine-list becuase the vintages changed, wines were not available etc...so always ask. A few whites to try next time...3 different Albariños...and maybe I can convince him to drink one of the 'rarities' he showed me.
Somewhere to return to...and soon.

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