Sunday, July 08, 2012

Catching Up

Sometimes I am on a role...and update the blog regularly...but then the business takes over...I make some notes..and have to force myself to get back on line. Catching Up...

Polz Sauvignon Blanc
Hochgrassnitzberg STK 2009
South Styria, Austria

This is softer than the Therese from the same property...and passion fruit springs fro the glass..ripe , concentrated fruit...and very silky
Points 17.25

Wieninger Chardonnay
Grand Select 2007
Vienna, Austria

Nose of brioche and nuts...apricots and caramel on the palate...buttery...
Points 17

Christian Hermann Pinot Noir Reserve 2007
Fläsch, Switzerland

As you can see from the Ebay purchase. This is a style to like...very much a terroir feel to it.
Smokey aroma, red cherries abound...delicate and savoury.
Points 16.5

I have purchased a few of Pichler's M recently...and had opened the 2008 but lost the get the more.

A good reason., therefore, to open a bottle of the 2007

F.X. Pichler
Grüner Veltliner M 2007
Wachau, Austria

Gren gold colour...gorgeous aroma...exotic herbs and citrus...white pepper...dry tobacco...honey,oil, cream...all this zipped together with razor sharp acidity and rippling minerals.
Points 18.25

Say Knoll, Fürst and Becker to any wine lover and he knows what to expect.
A meeting with fellow wine friends...
The Knoll had maybe been a very fine drink 2 years good...and the aged-taste improved with the food.
The Fürst would have been marked higher if the Becker had not been tasted alongside.
I feel the Franconian will maybe open up again.
The Becker is, as always, smooth and extreme creamy.

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