Saturday, March 24, 2012

Route 66

Down the long highway of life I finally reached 'Route 66' on March 20th.
As one German singer sang ' at 66 begins'!
Great. I'll get quicker at soccer every Sunday and score hat-tricks at will!

To celebrate I ordered a table at our local Bistro...we were nine people...6 of whom were wine-drinkers. I had planned some good wines...not needing much discussion as it would be a little loud when my 3 daughter get together.

Tuesday morning....
8am...good friend Volker and wife called. Throat infection...can't come.
9am...Daughter and Husband Jochen called...stomach problems.
Our other daughter had a dentist appointment and called early afternoon to say she also had a stomach problem.
A change of the planned wines....only Robert and myself who partake of the I decided we would just drink, enjoy and not make notes.
Two wines that have impressed recently....
Erwin Sabathi
Limited 111 Sauvignon Blanc 2008

South Styria
It was wonderful....and purchased under € 30,-- Find me a better Sauvignon Blanc than this.
Robert, who does not freely give high marks...awarded this wine 18.25
Points 18

Joachim Hollerith
Maximus Pinot Noir 2008

Pfalz, Germany
As good as the bottle tasted a month ago...with the soft marzipan feel to is...and grainy tannins
Points 17.5

After the dropping of all the guests like flies...the table of 4 enjoyed a fine evening.


Alex said...

Happy belated one, Barry!

Edward said...

Yes, a belated Happy Birthday from me too!