Monday, October 03, 2011

A Week In The Life Of A Juice Junkie!

The week in the life of a wine freak / fan / aficionado. Call me what you will...even a juice junkie!
A Monday evening...and I was expecting a visit from
David Stephensen...a fellow Spätburgunder lover....over in Germany on holiday...packing the car with the wine and visiting friends. He took my advice and visited the Gasthof Rebstock in Waldulm and stayed 3 days. His favourite wine one evening had been Gantenbein 2007...the cult wine from Switzerland. We had never met...and he called when he arrived at the railway station...and I was on my bike and found him and we were off to the local Bistro. Two bottles had been deposited at midday and I had covered them up.

Willi Sattler
Sauvignon Blanc
Privat 2006
South Styria, Austria

He got South Styria correct but was thinking Ch
ardonnay...and it is hardly my recent notes stated: This is not so much your 'green green grass' SB...more a soft butterball, If I had tasted this blind I would have been uncertain at first. Super complex aroma of exotic fruit...with a gentle creaminess. As it opens only then do you get a shot of the grape's natural character. A super length of flavour and I was putting this in the top 10 SB's that I have ever tried. Judge it as white wine maybe and not as a typical Sauvignon Blanc...but whatever you do...get to try it!
Points 18

The red was to be a surprise. I had purchased 6 bottles of the
Gantenbein Pinot Noir 2005 and 4 had already gone to the great lake...and had been delicious. So...surprise him with the 2005...or that was the plan. Nada...cork...just a whiff...but no way could you force yourself to enjoy it. To quote a good old English saying... 'ON YA BIKE MATE'....and within 7 minutes I was back from my wine cellar with a substitute.

Meyer-Nakel Spätburgunder S 2005
Ahr, Germany

We were chatting I hardly made any notes...but David sent an email to say it hit the spot.
A nice evening and I left David at the station to head off back to Frankfurt. He told me later he had gotten into a conversation with a guy on the train about whether Irish Whiskey or Scottish Whisky were the best. As David is from Edinburgh... I'm sure he put over his point!

September is Pumpkin is one we brought back from Baden...and I love the soup my wife makes...with a few chilis in there...I eat it for days...well...there is enough there!

Wenzel Kleiner Wald
Pinot Noir 2007

Neusiedlersee, Austria

This is a new property in Austria...the first vintage was 2004...and does not yet even appear in the Falstaff Wine Guide..
Aromatic spices and sweet a Cote de Beaune if you are into French Pinot. Work meant I made no other notes
Points 16.25

The evenings are getting shorter...but September has been gorgeous. What a sunset!

Sauvignon Blanc Welles STK 2008

South Styria, Austria

Gooseberry confit with some pineapple....and remember...a year ago I would not have touched a SB after all the cat's pee I had been offered. These South Styria wines are another level though...where were we?..ah yes...blood as silky snake slithering down the gullet...
Points 17.5

Erwin Sabathi Sauvignon Blanc
Pössnitzberg Limited 111 2008

South Styria, Austria

WOW!...get used to this. What an aroma...WOW. Cassis and top class gooseberries with a touch of lychees. Like inhaling Cleopatra's bath water.
And what a mouthful...WOW! After all would expect a fruit bomb maybe...nope...this is elegant classy fruit...tropical with a dash of citrus... a hedonistic juice....and I can't say any more than... I give it
Points 18.25

I bought some more...and will 'maybe' let it lie....only maybe

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David Stevenson said...

Hello Barry,
it was nice to meet up in person at last and thanks for the very enjoyable evening. I stopped off at Mayer-Naekel the next day on the way back to the ferry to fill that final space in the boot. A few bottles of Pfarrwingert 2009.
Thanks also for the tip about the Rebstock. Great food, superb winelist and very friendly. Some great walks in surrounding hills too.
Already planning next year's trip!