Thursday, February 17, 2011

Classy Sauvignon Blanc

My wife made a delightful mix with some Pasta. Austernpilze (Oyster Mushrooms) are just delicious...but then again.. I love all types. When I ask her where she gets some ideas...she answers she just does it by feel. She lost some of her sense of smell a few years ago...but I notice nothing when it comes to delicious meals...even though she is still cooking from 'memory'.

Eric & Walter Polz
Sauvignon Blanc Hochgrassnitzberg 2008

Südsteiermark, Austria
Wine friend Robert said to me recently...'The best Sauvignon Blanc are coming out of the Steiermark'.
I drank the 2007 last summer....and had the same thoughts back then....too young to judge?
Well...not the case. Opened it a few hours before tasting...and gave it a big glass. First whiff...undeniably Sauvignon Blanc...exotic aromas...Litschis extreme...and the usual Gooseberries...but these have no brambles or thorns...juicy yellow fruit. Super weight on the palate...elegant and balanced...light footed...not a New World Stomper...and with more complexity than at first obvious. This vies for one of the best of the variety that I have tasted.
Points 17.25
PS...the label is very small...and the Vintage only shown on the'd pass this by on a wine shelf...but methinks those in the know would find it.

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