Saturday, November 06, 2010

Guzzling Gutzler

Weingut Gutzler Westhofener Morstein Spätburgunder Grosses Gewächs 2007
Rheinhessen, Germany

It was a monday...and we had to drive north...a family bereavement. He had liked his red wine as well...and was taken from us too soon. The four of us set off back as darkness fell just after 5pm.
The day was a 'National Holiday' in Catholic areas...and the Autobahn was full of those who had crossed the 'border'...although...for the life of me...why do they bother? Didn't they go shopping on the Saturday? Of course...there was the usual odd accident...made worse by 'Gaffers'...those who slow down to have a good look. You know that is the soon as you are past the accident..the traffic speeds up. As you can read...I was not exactly smiling....and we arrived home with me just wanting to eat and relax. I grabbed a bottle from my cellar and we headed for our local eating place...and we just sat and chatted and chatted. Now...I will never be an alcoholic. Even in my youth...3 pints of beer and that was it. Nowadays...0.5 liter is the happy measure...anything more...and it serves me right if I suffer. Never with a headache...usually the lower system. If the wine had been good...then I suffer and shut-up. This was good...and the type of wine that you just enjoy...from start to finish. Spicy aromas...toasty oak...Pfalz style...which to me is with a slightly earthy feel to it. I have to admit...that I emptied the bottle...drinking the last glass as I was putting my coat on...not very had been a hard day and I 'deserved' it
Points 17.25
The next day I decided to open a bottle of Gutzler's basic Pinot Noir Barrique 2008...which he had suggested I try. It was 'safe' and didn't hurt...but not a 'bottle to empty in one go'. Thank liver needed some relief!

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