Friday, November 19, 2010

Grapes, Stodden and Pamela Anderson

Crazy post title...I know...must be the Anesthetic still in me...although...some people say...I am crazy anyway.
Another note from before the Nose operation...and I am still recuperating. Visitors are welcome and when you visit a sick patient you usually bring about an aged Stodden...I need convincing.

Jean Stodden
Recher Herrenberg FrĂĽhburgunder 2007

Ahr, Germany
Stodden's style is not the soft forward version...which is typical of most properties in the Ahr Valley. Think North Burgundy...otherwise you will be disappointed when you taste them young.
And...I always do...taste them young...and have only ever tried one 'aged' wine...and it was a poor vintage. Still I keep ordering a bottle when released...and the notes repeat themselves.
Gerhard Stodden makes wine with plenty of tannins....and wants them to age and show their better side a few years down the road.. He releases his reds later than most...leaving them at least 15 months in new oak.
The nose gave off dark fruit aromas...and some smoke....compact...and a bundled package. Even after a day in the is still very reserved.
Man...this is hard work...and I bow to those who know his wines better....and accept patience is needed.
Dry tannins dominate on the first day....needing again 24 do you mark a wine like this...
What you have now...what you hope it will be...what you feel will happen....what Stodden fans know it will earn?
One thing is could identify Stodden's reds in a blind Ahr tasting as certain as you could Pamela Anderson in the dark!
Points 16.5

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