Monday, March 29, 2010

Tailor Made

If you are looking for a grower who will try anything, and is not afraid to fail, then Markus Schneider is your man. I have enjoyed his red 'Steinsatz' and this is a step up. The 'only Sansibar' seems to be a special bottling for some merchant. The wine is a cuvée of Cabernet Franc and St. Laurent. The bottle is a heavyweight...hang on...I don't mean the wine inside...just the actual bottle weighs as much as a I said...Markus Schneider doesn't do things by halfs!
Markus Schneider Tailor 2007 - only Sansibar
Pfalz, Germany
Deep purple colour...intense blackcurrant...reminded me very much of the liquor Crème de Cassis. Smooth on the palate and enticing...then the grainy tannins set in...but this only adds to it's charm. Rich, ripe fruit...and an attractive coolness...I can only recommend you try this...don't smile at the baby afterwards though...that purple leaves it's does this 'one-off' style of Herr Schneider.
Points 17.5

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