Friday, March 12, 2010

Chateau Germania

As if the French don't have enough problems with competition for Pinot Noir. How can the Germans compete with the Bordelais? Well...there are plenty of very good Cabernet wines here...Knipser's Cuvee X is a great example...2003 & 2005. Which leads me to this Lemberger. A grape grown primarily in Württemberg...and if you want the best...then Herr Aldinger is for you. A recent 2005 had been a 'wow' wine...
Aldinger Fellbacher Lämmler GG***
Lemberger 2007
Württemberg, Germany

Deep colour...ripe cherries and a forceful blackberry nose...fine spices...surprisingly soft...the 20 months spent in oak along with the soft, rounded tannins make for a very pleasant mouthful. A port-like feel in it's youth...but elegant...and will develope beautifully...and as you can read...a wine to keep you interested...even some cigar...which pulls me back to the Bordeaux comparison. The price was € 25,-- and you would have difficulty finding similar quality with 'Chateau' on the bottle.
Points 17.5

PS....A recent post threw up the question as to what the object in the background was. Here a better view. It is a piece if a can see the bark...hand made from then on...with sliding drawers for small objects...the ladies would no doubt place their jewelry in there.

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