Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Pfälzer Terroir 1

Let's give the property it's correct name..Ökonomierat Rebholz...which is a mouthful in any language. Hansjörg Rebholz has continued what grandfather and father started..and for over 10 years now..has produced wines of the highest quality. In their youth the wines are maybe not rounded and a little 'spiky'..and with this in mind..he releases some of them later...

Rebholz Im Sonnenchein Spätburgunder R Spätlese trocken 2001

Pfalz, Germany
A 'Grosses Gewächs'....dusty nose on opening...but the style Rebholz produces is not going to spring from the glass...glazed-cherry..cinnamon....layed-back..elegant..milk chocolate..vanilla..this creeps up on you.....again..dusty..slightly earthy on the palate..still fresh..down to the acidity evident.. a light sour touch...a 'terroir' wine...maybe a touch too dry from the oak...
Points 17


Alexis said...

Hi Barry! Unless you are already aware of it yourself, I'd like to alert you about the Spätburgunder made under supervision of Fritz Keller which is sold at Aldi for 7 Euro. Just tried it and have to say its a well made classical German Spätburgunder. Thought I'd let a Pinot Lover know. ;P

Edward said...


I like the new layout, it seems cleaner and brighter.

PS - I'll be expecting a cut of your advertising income, I've clicked two adds today already :)

Barry said...

Alex..thanks for the tip..I'll wear my Michael Jackson hood and sneak into Aldi.... get some ad you want your sip now..or will you wait until I've finished the bottle?
Yes..the new layout..really pleases wallpaper..same old Soul Brother...

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