Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hidden Treasure & Petroleum Delight

A garden party...with lots of good food and pleasant company. The host, Volker, had a good dry Riesling on offer..screw cap..ideal..no need to keep pulling corks. I got my wine glass..and he appeared with 'another' bottle...which had to be hidden from the guzzlers.(smile)...so it was placed beneath the other bottles in a tub of iced water. I managed to drink about two-thirds before our fellow wine-lover, Robert, knowing I would be on something better, 'found' the hidden treasure and finished it off!

Konrad Sauvignon Blanc 2006
Marborough, New Zealand
A bouquet of lime citrus..bright and fresh...palate the same..but no exaggerated gooseberries...softer..some creaminess..not as dry as most......pleasant drinking for a secretive treasure.
Points 15.5

And so the next day.....
Hirsch Gaisberg Riesling 2005
Kamptal, Austria
With petrol so expensive..my visits to the filling stations are not maybe as often as before..I sniff as I fill the tank..petroleum junkie!!
Yellow-gold colour...smokey-flintstone tones...then an excellent elegant petroleum aroma..wow..and the wine still so young...the first sip confirms what I had hoped for..this is classy Riesling...spices..mineral fragrance..medium
bodied...but the wine is 'dry'..as I like it...crunchy maybe describes it better...I read that it was too young...well...I'd drink this daily...but it will age beautifully....buy a couple of bottles..and lay it down for as long as you can resist.
Points 17.75 +

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