Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Liking Lieser

After a hard day..some cold ham with GREEN asparagus( my favourite over the white variety) was quickly prepared..and to save myself going to get the corkscrew...amidst the various Rieslings waiting to be tasted in my cellar..the screw-cap bottle was chosen. Opened and poured.....even we wine-freaks can do things simple when needs be.
This Estate is one of the new stars of the Mosel.
The winemaker at Schloss Lieser, and since about 1994 the owner as well, is none other than Wilhelm Haag's eldest son Thomas (Wilhelm Haag is the elder statesman of the Fritz Haag estate, one of Germany's most elite estates.)
Schloss Lieser Riesling Kabinett 2007
Mosel, Germany
Blind tasting it....well..if I had..I might have thought Asti Spumanti at first.
Let me explain...there is a slight 'spritz' to the wine....the bouguet showed slate minerals..and then the flavour surprises you. Clear broad fruit...mouth-tingling minerals again...citrus fruits..flint and stones...considerably more richness than the
Kabinett designation implies.This borders on Spätlese level, at 90º Oeschle. The 9% alcohol means this is very gulpable and a perfect match for the green asparagus...and would be superb with Asian food.
Points 16 but check the price € 9


Joe said...

Thought I had this wine last year, but it was a Lieser Spatlese. Green asparagus with German riesling...perfect! But be careful disparaging that spargel - that could take away your German citizenship for that.

Barry said...

Joe...over the early years here I just ate the white too often..I've gone 'green' in my old age.
This was like a Spätlese really...eyes closed I may have even tipped that..but only may...

Barry said...

As to German Citizenship..they never offered me that...maybe cos I have too much English Blue Blood....

Joe said...

My wife tells me asparagus keeps the mosquitoes away, I never asked if it was the green or the white. Blue Blood? You are now Sir Barry in my books...

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