Monday, February 08, 2021

Serious Rosé

Rosé wines are not for serious wine drinkers.!!! That is what you will hear from the majority of serious wine drinkers.To be honest...I would never order a Rosé wine in a restaurant...and can't remember making up a mixed case with the pink stuff. The problem may be that some are beefed up whites and the others watered down reds.
Robert, friend and wine merchant...paid a visit and we shared a few glasses of white.
As a present...he gave me a half bottle...and a few days later..I risked it!

The food was a favourite...Lamb Filets...with some Dauphinoise Potatoes and very fresh Mushrooms.

Mint sauce...very English. Very delicious. I still can't convince the Germans to try it...they all expect something like a Peppermint tea!

Château de Pibarnon Rosé 2018

Intense salmon color. Nose of apricot core, tangerine, fresh pineapple, licorice...even a trace of mild whiskey. Palate of citrus and stone fruit with well balanced bitters and acids.
Points 16

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