Sunday, July 26, 2015

M Is For Marvelous

A cooling summer evening and we sat outside at our local Bistro.
Our guests were Flo, Christiane, Lisa and Merle( my Godchild )
Food delicious...

Seafood Salad

Merle's Favourite

Two whites from the land of many treasures.

First up...a wine I saw was still one reason to open the final one from the cellar.
Hirsch Riesling Zöbinger Heiligenstein 2009
Wachau, Austria

Trace of honey...but no way fat. The veins of youth no longer it's style. Now rounded....soft...even a touch un-riesling like. Palate of yellow apples...minerals of just have to enjoy begs you. Good length and good wine.
Points 17.5

F. X. Pichler Grüner Veltliner M 2005
Wachau, Austria

A recent purchase from Ebay.
June is always a good month for 'bargains'  € 60,--
I always wonder why such great wine is no longer wanted.
Great! Did I say great? Well for me...certainly a memorable one.
Just the nose leaves you wide-eyed. Nuts and almonds...fresh bread...honeyed. You worry that the rest will not comply...but dear readers...worry no more. Creamy texture...heaps of fruit...spice and pepper...the usual dose of minerals. Complex and pretty wonderful. Flo had tried the 2010 vintage recently...much too I was glad to share this 10 year at a perfect time. Will hold for many years.
Now...where do I find another bottle? 
Points 18.75

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