Sunday, May 03, 2015

South Tyrol, South Styria

Been to this restaurant about 100 times over the last 40 years...and only remember one bad evening(New Year's Eve....when you should never go out eating). La Fattoria is an insitution. Owner Chester is still there...and our favourite waiter Agnello celebrates 15 years...singing in my ear as he serves. Home from home...the food is always pleasurable.

Lageder Löwengang Chardonnay 2011
South Tyrol, Italy

Racy structure...with creamy oak on the palate. Light and finely balanced...citrus fruit...a delight.
Points 17.25

Jacobs Mussels
Polz Sauvingon Blanc Hochgrassnitznerg 2008
South Styria, Austria

Having enjoyed the Reserve 2007 a few weeks ago...this final bottle was packed in a cold bag...and transported to the restaurant.
Instant pleasure...the aromas of grass and classic gooseberry...and a little oak. Dense on the palate...with again...a trace of the oak sweetness. As it sat in the glass the aroma and taste of lychees took over...ah yes...the only dessert you used to find at a China restauarant. The wine handled all the food main courses...meat and fish...very good indeed...if not the equal of the 2007.
Points 17.5

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