Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Constant Konstanzer

A spontaneous visit to the local eatery...Mitch...before...into my wine cellar...grabbed a bottle I knew would please...just wanted to sit, eat, read and relax.

Always a board with daily offers...and I like Squid / Octopus...and this was fresh.
The lady owner knows I always take lamb...but I was determined to try something else. Saw the board...she grinned...I nodded...and took the Lamb Carré in a Mustard Crust...and the fresh sliced potato chips were a perfect neutral partner.

The wine was a 'find' a few years ago...I had visited the property...and you could tell that there was potential.  Nice to get there before the big boys.
Gault Millau is currently giving good marks...have increased their marking from 2 to 3 bunches of grapes and has voted the property 'Aufsteiger' (fast climber) status.
The 2008 Vintage was very good in Baden...something often forgotten between the hyped years 2007 and 2009.
Konstanzer Ihringer Winkleberg
Spätburgunder Spätlese Barrique 2008
Baden, Germany

Horst and Petra Konstanzer started back in 1983 with less than a Hectare...and over the last years have increased to the total of nine nowadays. A property to watch in Kaiserstuhl.
The oak is layed-back...lingers in the background and draws you into the glass to find traces of almonds and bay leaves. Elegant soft earthy fruit and enticing juicy flavour...mild and natural...very terroir plays a role here...and the price only adds to it's pluses. This ONLY costs € 20,--. Grab the 2010 at € 21,--
Points 17.25

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