Saturday, February 04, 2012

Preparing for the UK

Weingut Leth
Grüner Veltliner Scheiben 2010
Wagram, Austria
Yellow apples...fine injection of acidity....spends time in oak barrels....some tobacco...ripply minerals...will improve...and at € 15,-- one more good reason why I praise Austrian whites
Points 17

This is the last post for two weeks as I am off to see my mum in the UK.
The restaurant on the ship from Rotterdam to Hull has a poor wine I have purchased 2 half- bottles to take into the restaurant for both the two trips.
Also...I have ordered some wines from UK Merchants and they are now at my mum's place.
As we plan to eat out a lot...I will be taking some of the wines along.
Yes...I know it is a habit of mine...but if some restaurants insist on buying boring wines....listing no vintages etc...then it is a
solution to the problem. The North-West area is not reknowned for good wine lists!

The wines are:
Skillogalee Wines Clare Valley Riesling 2010 Australia
Escarpment Kupe Pinot Noir 2009 New Zealand
Stonier Chardonnay 2009 Australia
Chard Farm Mata-au Pinot Noir 2009 New Zealand
Burn Cottage Pinot Noir 2009 New Zealand

and of course...the 2009 version of
Crystallum Pinot Noir Cuvee Cinema, South Africa
The 2010 had been impressive...

I am taking in the car...a bottle of white Austrian and a bottle of German Spätburgunder...just in case I get withdrawal symptoms!!


Edward said...


Will be interested in your thoughts on the Burn Cottage. I think the packaging is superb and the wine is hedonistic.

Word verification today: compuber

Alex said...

Way to go for planning a trip! ;=) Never leave without supply! I'm curious about the vina ardanza, as I have the same bottle at home.
Have a safe journey!