Thursday, January 05, 2012

Baden Sun & Vitamin D

With the wind and the rain and the storms and the cold....I do need to start taking those Vitamin D tablets get me through the winter months without the sun. Three wines from an area of Germany that boast the most hours of sunshine....Baden.

Hofgut Consequence
Blauer Spätburgunder 2007 ***
Baden, Germany
Probably no longer availa
ble. When I was there Eva Maria Schmidt explained that the property was now owned by Abril...another property a few doors down...since 1 January 2010. There was a new building being built on the outskirts of Vogtsburg-Bischoffingen. Her husband Manfred was now in charge of the grapes. So the wines with the Hofgut Consequence label were the last. I purchased 3 bottles of the top wine mentioned here. The style is very much easy Pinot that encourages big mouthfuls of the strawberry fruit. Great vintage...and at four years old just about ready to go. Tasty....and one can only hope Manfred Schmidt chooses well for the new project. The winemaking will be done by Sebastian Faber & Armin Süttler.
A snip at € 18,--

Points 17

R & C SchneiderSpätburgunder
Parzelle Schönenberg 2006
Baden, Germany
I purchased a few bottles of this after trying the 2005...and hearing that it was even better in this vintage. Well...I have tried them over a 2 year period...trying to give it all my love in the hope that it will give something back. One bottle is left and I think Ebay calls for this lady. She has never shown a sexy seduction...and I can't see it changing much. The nose is slightly raw...and the fruit just ordinary...a puzzle. If it had been one bottle I would have put it down to a bad-un...but every time I have been left wanting. Next wine please...
Points 16.....

Schloss Staufenberg
Durbacher Schlossberg
er trocken 2009
Baden, Germany
If you want to buy direct from this is up a winding road with room for one vehicle(and you just hope a bus carrying tourists doesn't decided to appear round the corner) the top of the hill overlooking Durbach.......park your car...and walk up round to the 'castle'. You will be rewarded with a sensational view...and some good 'Flammenkuchen' in the restaurant. This is the top red...and the 2009 vintage was on offer. Was it worth the trouble?...hey...after the Parzelle I needed reassurance. What the 2009 vintage offers is a perfect package. From start to finish you have the great vintage feel. Ripe and forward...sweet fruit...rounded...a soft bristling tannin layer...which held it up for a day later...nice.
Points 16.75

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Anonymous said...

Barry...I was there with my stepfather in the late 90s. Great place, very good restaurant, wonderful memories.

Bob Alberta.