Saturday, July 09, 2011

Drinking South Styria

Friend Volker and his wife Steffi had gone on holiday for 10 days....their destination?...Austria Südsteiermark (South Styria).
A postcard arrived with Volker looking more like an evangelist preacher than someone who wrote that food,wine and views were superb.

Not to be outdone...and it was planned anyway...I went into my wine cellar and pulled out two recent purchases. The Südsteiermark, as I have noted before on the blog, is the place to buy very good...great even, Sauvignon Blanc.

Polz Sauvignon Blanc
Hochgrassnitzberg 2008

South Styria, Austria
Aromas of cassis and ripe gooseberries...loads of minerals here...and a real explosion on the palate. LET IT AIR!
What an exciting and complex jungle of exotischism. Wild herbs...just the right balance of zippy citrus acidity and a lingering finish of perfection.. Top SB!
Points 17.75

Willi Sattler Sauvignon Blanc
Privat 2006

South Styria, Austria
This is not so much your 'green green grass' SB...more a soft butterball, If I had tasted this blind I would have been uncertain at first. Super complex aroma of exotic fruit...with a gentle creaminess. As it opens only then do you get a shot of the grape's natural character. A super length of flavour and I was putting this in the top 10 SB's that I have ever tried. Judge it as white wine maybe and not as a typical Sauvignon Blanc...but whatever you do...get to try it!
Points 18
Perfect with Antipasti

Not sure what wines Volker tried on holiday...we are meeting up in a couple of days. While he had the real Sü liquid Virtual Reality was a very fine second.

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