Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day & Night

Summer is here....well...some days it is...and the Soccer World Cup has started. After 4 days of watching every(boring) game....the first sight of sunshine and I was out in the garden. The soccer will get better when the minnows are gone....and the vuvuzelas are quieter. Two evenings spent outside...with a slight breeze threatening to tip my glass over. The day and night.

First night....and my wife makes Hamburgers you can try to eat with your hands...but only if you have a mouth like a hippopotamus. Knife and fork for us normal your heart out McDonalds!
Luis Pato Vinha Pan 2005
Beiras, Portugal

Dark, brooding colour...stern...deep fruit...tannic grip...but no sexiness. Like the dark nights of winter. I could not get into this...and ended up watching the evening game of soccer
Points 16

Less breeze this night...and a bottle presented to my by Karl Hodapp at the end of our recent holiday. It is on his wine-list...I just never got round to trying it. He promised it was good...and it is. Just perfect with Veal Schnitzel and new potatoes.
Ewald Kopp Spätburgunder trocken 'S' 2007
Baden, Germany
A property that gets better and better...
The best wines are matured in new barriques for up to 24 months.
This is a wine that compares itself to bright long days.
Just delicious...a lovely whiff...aromatic...dark fruits...cherries...perfect weight...delicate...
you could almost 'gulp' this...don't you dare...not when I am looking...touch of acidity to liven up a rounded finish.
Points 17.25

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Edward said...


I have the turn the volume down when watching the soccer, it's like there are a swarm of blowflies in my living room. . .

The days are getting darker in the South, I'm looking forward to the winter solstice passing so at least I can tell my self the days are once again getting longer.