Sunday, February 07, 2010

Wither(ing) Hills & Bull's Blood

There was more love between Heathcliff & Catherine in the classic novel Wuthering Heights...than I could find in this Wither(ing) Hills
Wither Hills Pinot Noir 2008
Marlborough, New Zealand
After three very good Pinots from the land of sheep & wine.....time to open another purchased on my England trip....€ 17,--. Not too forthcoming...but knitted as it aired....dark berry fruit...earthy texture..chewy...trying to be elegant...but showing a sexiness....
left me wanting loads more.....
Points 15.5

Years ago...about all you saw with regards to wines from Hungary...was Tokay and some disgusting stuff called Bull's Blood. Things are time to try a Pinot from a top property run by Mónika Debreczeni.
Vylyan Pinot Noir 2006
Villány, Hungary
The top Pinot in I bought 3 bottles at € 17,-- each.....and I was expecting more...someone had given it 18.5 points!!! Well...first impression is one of a delicate wine..aiming for elegance...and the above earthiness...and the gentle tannins begging for fruits...touch of style..South Burgundy....a good Mercury maybe.....let's leave the other 2 bottles a while...and see what develops. At the moment..
Points 16.5


Joe said...

the worst wine I ever had was a Hungarian, bad way for me to start with this country - maybe for you I could let that horrid wine transgression slide and try another

Barry said...

Joe..there has been great improvement....let me know when you try one (if you live through it)

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