Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pur Pur Taste

I am a fan of the Württenberger wines..with their mix of Spätburgunder and Lembacher...this reminds me in style of those wines..this one is 20 % Dunkelfelder & 80% Spätburgunder.

Peter Jakob Kühn PurPur 2005

Rheingau, Germany
Lovely perfumed nose..delicate..spring flowers, blackcurrants...this spends 12 months in oak....intense juicyness..nougat..real nice balance here..tannins merely stroke the fruit...don't share this wine....it is easily emptied.....only kidding...I'd share a small glass.
Points 17.25


Joe said...

Have you ever had a 100% Dunkelfelder? Is there another name for this grape?

Barry said...

Joe..I have never had one...but have seen the odd bottle.
Grape is difficult to grow..so usually only a part..never a whole.

TWG said...

Where did you get this wine? I can't find it anywhere.

Barry said...

I bought it from a merchant in Nürnberg........
Outside of Germany...I doubt it has been exported....

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